Evercare Lint Rollers evaluation as well as Giveaway

Every pet owner can utilize a lint roller, however do you have a gigantic lint roller?

We checked out three products from Evercare, including the extreme Stick Mega surface Roller created for eliminating pet hair from stairs, beds as well as other tough to reach surfaces.

We likewise tried their little “Lint Flip” travel lint roller which fits quickly into a handbag or bag. I plan to keep mine in my car.

I understand quite much all of you might benefit from these products because, let’s deal with it, cleaning up pet hair is a constant battle!

To go into to win a complimentary prize pack of the three kinds of lint rollers pointed out in this post, just leave a comment below. Clique aqui. I’ll select two winners. *The winners have been chosen.

This publish is sponsored by Butler house as well as Evercare.

Evercare Lint Rollers Review

My thoughts on the Evercare lint rollers:

I like these products since they work well, as well as they’re a lot more elegant as well as practical than an typical lint roller.

Sure, they’re still “just” lint rollers, however Evercare has a range of different choices as well as sizes.

I’ll show you the three products we received:

Lint flip travel Lint Roller

The “Lint Flip” travel lint rollers are little sufficient to in shape in a handbag or bag or to keep in your car. I suggest them for pet sitters, pet dog walkers as well as pet dog fitness instructors however they’d likewise be great for people who work office tasks as well as requirement to “de-hair” before work.

The great thing about these is you just “flip” it shut when you’re done to keep the new sheet clean or to hide the nasty hair already stuck to it!

Cost: $6.99 on Amazon (Comes with 30 sheets)

Mega surface Roller

This is the gigantic lint roller I referred to earlier. It’s a lint roller on an extendable manage created for quickly reaching stairs, rugs, beds or other tough to reach surfaces.

It’s much easier to utilize than a vacuum as well as saves time. The manage extends out to 36″. I utilize it when I don’t have the time to utilize the vacuum or Swifter or just want to swiftly get the loose feline hair off our bed.

Cost: $25 on Amazon (Comes with 25 sheets)

Get the Mega surface Roller HERE.

Reusable fur Erase Sponge

This is a recyclable dry sponge for eliminating pet hair from clothes, carpets, furniture or your car. It works truly well for eliminating dust as well as hair from our smooth couch as well as rugs.

It truly is like an “eraser” since you utilize a bit friction to rub the hair off the surface. The lint rollers pointed out above work excellent for eliminating hair, however the eraser is much better at eliminating dust as well as lint.

The only drawback is you have to ultimately wipe the hair as well as dust off the sponge however it’s reusable.

Cost: $6.63 on Amazon. a lot more information HERE.

What’s special about these products?

The special thing about Evercare is that it makes a number of different lint rollers as well as lint brushes in all kind of different sizes. They’re likewise a lot more elegant than your typical lint roller. For example, the Lint flip travel Lint Roller is available in four different colors.

Pros of the Evercare Lint Rollers:

Many different sizes as well as choices to satisfy your needs

Stylish as well as fun

Preços acessíveis

Available on Amazon as well as different retailers

They work well

Replaceable rolls offered for all products


The Mega surface Roller includes 25 sheets. It would be great if it came with a replaceable roll however you can buy a lot more as needed.

I would suggest these products for …

The Lint flip travel Lint Roller is best to keep in your handbag or cars and truck as well as I would suggest it for experts who work with family pets or any type of pet owner who needs to “de-hair” before work! Both these products would likewise make fun gifts for any individual who has pets.

The fur Erase sponge is a product I never would’ve bought however now that I have it, it’s truly great to have. I suggest it for wiping lint, dust as well as hair off your furniture or fabric cars and truck seats. Our couch lastly looks clean without having to vacuum!

And finally, the mega stick lint roller is likewise an much easier alternate to vacuuming. undoubtedly all of us requirement to vacuum on event however the mega stick is great to utilize in between. My cats sleep on my bed as well as it works well to swiftly catch all the loose hair in a few swipes.

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